46 The Calls



  • Monday - Friday: 7:30am - 11am + 11:30am - 2pm

  • Saturday: 9am - 1:30pm

  • Sunday 10am - 1pm


  • Our full range of hot and cold drinks

  • Breakfast sandwiches

  • Cakes and other sweet treats

  • Coffee beans - ground or whole and related accessories.

  • And, of course, a friendly welcome!

Being safe

We are implementing recommended measures to ensure both customers and staff alike are as safe as possible. This includes a queuing and social distancing system (including safety screens) and the enhanced personal, toilet and store cleaning implemented pre-lockdown.

We won’t be at work if we’re showing symptoms or have been exposed to Covid - we ask that you do the same.

  • Take-away only

  • Card payments only (tap preferably or pin)

  • Retail products are stored behind the bar to avoid cross-contamination

  • Customer hand gel will be available wherever possible

  • We welcome people wearing face coverings .

  • No toilet facilities.

Reusable cups are back!

We’ve identified a process to accept reusable cups again:

  1. Bring your clean reusable cup to the store - join the queue if there is one.

  2. Show your cup to the barista; they’ll provide a tray for you

  3. Without touching the tray put your lidless cup down in the centre of the tray.

  4. The barista will then make your drink and bring the tray back to you - all without touching your cup (sorry, we can’t do latte art).

Take your drink and you’re good to be on your way - smiles all round and everyone safe!

Is there anything we’ve missed?

Drop us a message on Facebook, Instagram or Twitter and we’ll aim to fix it as soon as possible!

start with us

Pop in to Kapow and we'll ensure your mornings get off to the best start. Start with the best coffees, made the way you prefer them and top that off with one of our tasty savoury treats or pastries.

treat time?

We know that sometimes you need that extra push to get through the working day - that's why we offer treats like guest coffees, pourovers and melt in your mouth brownies. Guaranteed to perk you up!

shop for coffee

In addition to the great coffee shop experience we also provide a great selection of fresh coffee beans from some of the best roasters locally and around the UK. We're happy to sell the beans as is or grind them for you - all in the price!

Along with this we now offer reusable cups, equipment and consumables - all allowing you to make the best of those beans, along with advice on how to get the best from both beans and gear.


Monday - Friday: 7:30am - 11am + 11:30am - 2pm

Saturday: 9am - 1:30pm

Sunday 10am - 1pm


46 The Calls



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